Kirlin Charitable Foundation.

The Kirlin Charitable Foundation aspires to be an active, creative and loving voice for young people.

Overview Of Kirlin

The first years of a child’s life are critical to his or her development and a sacred trust of the community. Choices made today in the lives of these young people will most definitely affect outcomes later as they develop into their youth and early adulthood.


Our VISION is of a global society, identified first and foremost by the grace of its empathy and compassion.


Our MISSION is to serve as a catalyst and innovative partner in positive social change, helping children and their families become lifelong learners and thoughtfully active, compassionate members of our global community.


Despite the depth and breadth of the conversation about the need for school reform, we still find our teachers marginalized. They are undervalued, underpaid, sometimes under trained, and clearly overworked.

Venture Philanthropy

The Kirlin Charitable Foundation has chosen to participate in and contribute to a growing movement within the philanthropic community, one that has been most commonly called venture philanthropy.

Early Childhood Development & Learning

The first years of a child’s life are critical to his or her development and a sacred trust of the community. In recent years, contemporary science has given us inspiring and motivating information regarding the degree to which early brain development can be optimized by caregivers who are supported by current research and best practices in parenting and early education. Parents are the child’s first teachers. Gone are the days when we left “teaching” to the experts in the schools.

Our Portfolio

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Projects & Initiatives

Kirlin is proud to be partnered with the following organizations:

Seeds of Compassion spotlights the importance of kindness, compassion, and empathy, with a focus on youth, through advocacy, public outreach, conferences, and other large-scale events.

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